Owning an aquarium has a strong stress reducing benefit. Studies have shown that watching an aquarium for a few minutes a day can reduce stress levels, and even reduce your chances of a heart attack or stroke. Studies have also shown that heart attack and stroke victims that own an aquarium have lived longer. Even gazing at a decorative fishless tank has proven to assist in reducing stress and high blood pressure. The more decorative and colorful the tank is the stronger the benefits will be. Owning an aquarium also has educational benefits. The chance to observe nature is right in your living room. You have the ability to watch the fish interact with plants, the environment, food, and each other in a replica of their natural habitat.

Did You Know…

• Beta fish can be kept with other fish.
• Some aquarium plants go dormant through certain seasons.
• Fresh water Angel fish are related to Cichlids.
• Temperature of water correlates with how much lighting a tank needs. • Tracy Morgan is an avid aquarium connoisseur.
• Not all types of aquariums need gravel.
• Ram Cichlids are the “love birds” of fresh water aquariums. They have only one mate throughout life.
• There are fresh water shrimp and lobster.