Pond Cleaning Oklahoma City and Surrounding Metro Areas

Every water garden, pond, or koi pond should be properly and thoroughly cleaned each year. We provide pond cleaning Oklahoma City and throughout the OKC Metro Areas. It’s part of proper pond and water garden maintenance and we are just the pond professionals for the job. We take great care in water feature and pond clean outs. Each pond is completely drained and your pond fish will be placed in a holding tank while we clean. We will clean the pond skimmer, pond filters, pond bottom, lenses to underwater pond lights and water garden pump intakes. We will thin out any overgrown aquatic pond plants and also thin out your koi fish population if you so desire. If you have a garden pond that is leaking, a pond clean out is a good time to make those pond repairs. All requests are handled on a first come first serve basis. We book up very fast in the spring time so please be patient with us. Hiring a pond company that is in such high demand is a good sign don’t you think? One of our garden pond technicians will contact you the day before our arrival. Be sure to let us know if you need us to bring you any water garden supplies while we are there.


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A standard Pond Service in the OKC metro area is a $40 trip charge plus $95 an hour plus materials (one hour minimum). This rate is for one service technician. For large or more complex work that requires more than one person (ie, moving large rock), GPU will bill an extra $40 per hour per extra tech. Only one service tech will be sent unless customer requests more than one tech. Ponds outside of the OKC metro will be charged extra for drive time to and from our store. I also understand that if this service call is for a leak detection that Garden Ponds Unlimited cannot guarantee that a leak will be found or repaired. All efforts will be made to find and repair the leak but if the leak continues and/or there is another leak I understand that I will be responsible for payment in full on all services previously performed and any future service calls and materials needed to attempt to repair the leak. I release Garden Ponds Unlimited from all obligations created by or arising out of this service whether known or unknown. GPU is not responsible for loss of life to any fish. All services and products must be paid for at time of service. If paying by credit card a 2.5% convenience fee will be charged. All sales are deemed to have taken place at 200 S. I-35 Service Rd in Moore, OK. I agree to pay Garden Ponds Unlimited according to the terms stated herein. I agree to services and terms*
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